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Dog bites can leave lasting physical and emotional scars. In most cases, California law imposes what is called “strict liability” against the dog owner when their dog attacks another individual. 

If you or family member is attacked by a Rottweiler, German shepherd, Pitt bull, or any type of dog, under California Law,  the owner of the dog is, in most cases, automatically liable for the injuries suffered from bites or attacks. This means that in most cases you do not have to prove the owner of the dog was negligent in causing your injury.
No dog is “entitled to one free bite.”

 The only question to be decided in any dog bite case is how much compensation you deserve for  your injury. We offer a free initial consultation for victims of dog bites and other animal attacks to explain your rights to compensation.


From my experience representing injured people, we understand how insurance companies value dog bite cases. This knowledge helps us obtain the maximum recovery for you. We will also have your injury evaluated by a plastic surgeon to determine if plastic surgery can eliminate the scar. Plastic surgery usually reduces scars from dog bites but cannot eliminate them entirely..

We handle all dog bite cases on a contingency fee basis, which means there are no attorneys fees unless we make a recovery for you.
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