Our office will provide you with the expertise in providing you with our opinion as to whether or not a corporation or a limited liability corporation is in your best interest. We formulate these entities for the benefit of our clients and curtail them specifically for the client’s particular needs. There are many benefits to incorporating a business. Generally the greatest benefit is the limited liability aspect of a corporation. As long as you maintain your corporate status and compliance with state law your personal assets are immune from attachment in the event of any judgment against your company.

I thereby advise my clients to avoid sole proprietorships or even general partnerships. If you operate a business as a sole proprietor or even a partner, you are personally liable and your assets are subject to attachment in the event of a successful law suit against your company. By incorporating your business or creating a limited liability company you obtain the benefits of operating a business knowing that your personal assets are free from being subject to any legal judgments.

Please feel free to contact my office in order to determine which avenue is in your best interest, whether a corporation or a limited liability company or a limited liability partnership. Certain businesses are prohibited from engaging as a LLC such as doctors, dentists and other professionals. Therefore, it is in your best interest to sit down with me in order to determine which form of business entity will satisfy your particular needs.
There are many times in one’s business life where they are in need of legal representation. Those instances are when an employee or a partner has a misappropriated funds from the company’s coffers or when an employment claim such as sexual harassment, age discrimination or any other form of discrimination occurs you will need the services of an attorney who is familiar with this law and who can provide you with the guidance and expertise in order to not only avoid these claims but also successfully defend them when necessary.
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